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Published: December 30, 2019 | Updated: January 1, 2020

Upbeat, positive and championing business – a very Happy New Year from Dorset Biz News

By Andrew Diprose, editor

That was quite a year.

December 31 not only marked the end of 2019 but also exactly 13 weeks since the launch of Dorset Biz News.

We started – on October 2 – with a zero audience and zero name recognition.

And now?

Well, we have:

  • 303 business news stories on our site
  • 5,830 unique users
  • 237,812 views across our platforms
  • 2,694 ‘likes’ for our social media postings

The response from Dorset’s business community continues to amaze us.

Our 2020 diary is bursting with appointments from entrepreneurs – and businesses – wishing to be featured on Dorset Biz News.

Our approach to newsgathering may seem old fashioned but it appears to work.

We actually go out and do face-to-face interviews before writing up our stories in a language and style suited to our predominately business audience.

We then use our social media channels to drive traffic to our easy-to-navigate and pop-up free website.

And, yes, our editorial policy is also not exactly the norm.

We leave the doom, gloom and negativity to others.

Our site is positive, upbeat and unashamedly champions Dorset and our business community.

Judging by our viewing numbers – and feedback – it seems to be hitting the spot.

Commercially – and thanks to our fantastic advertising partners – we’ve been in the black from day one.

So a heartfelt thank you for your support during our first three months.

And, from all of us to all of you (and we’re a pretty small team!), a very Happy – and Successful – New Year.

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