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Published: January 20, 2022 | Updated: January 22, 2022

Water Lily Project urges disadvantaged women to EAT – empower, activate, train – with them

Liz Carter, Project Manager, The Water Lily Project.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

A Dorset charity has launched a new initiative to help disadvantaged women get back into education or the world of work.

The Water Lily Project, which has worked with vulnerable women in the community for more than ten years, is putting particular emphasis on women from deprived and rural areas of the county.

Liz Carter, Project Manager, said: “It’s a fact that it’s often women from poorer or rural areas whose life chances for continuing their education or becoming employed are reduced significantly.

“Giving them the opportunity to learn and reboot their career chances is vital for empowering them to live independent lives and fulfil their potential.

“We are asking women to come and EAT with us – empower, activate and train.

“We know from our years of helping women in crisis that equipping a person with the right life skills is a vital building block in their route to helping themselves improve their own circumstances.”

The scheme is offering 24 places to women aged 18 or over who are currently unemployed or economically inactive.

The European Union Social Fund and the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) fund it along with support by Groundwork UK, a federation of charities mobilising practical community action on poverty and the environment across the UK.

The women will benefit from mentoring and fully-funded training suited to their individual needs for five hours a week for 20 weeks.

It will help equip them with the skills to get a job or to continue their chosen path of education.

The Christchurch-based Water Lily Project is keen to hear from other support agencies across Dorset who may be working with women who meet these criteria and could benefit from the scheme.

To find out more about the how the scheme can help you, or someone you know, please contact Liz via email: