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Published: July 7, 2022 | Updated: July 8, 2022

What is the best bit of my job? The variety which is perfect as I get bored very easily…

By Andrew Diprose, editor

Each week we shine the spotlight on a prominent person in Dorset and ask him, or her, for answers to our part fun/part serious questionnaire. This time…

She gets deeply angered by unfairness – and deliberate cruelty – in any form; would like to share a car with Sir Elton John; had Richard Branson as her childhood hero and says freshly brewed coffee in the mornings is the best smell of all.

Alice Smee, Group Networking Co-ordinator, Hoburne Ltd, takes the ‘hot seat’ for our popular 20 Questions.

Question: What is your favourite TV show?

Answer: I really enjoy anything on TV or film that makes you concentrate and think, so ‘Line of Duty’ has been a firm favourite in my household. I also watch Formula One, rugby and Wimbledon too – but definitely not football!

Q: Who would you like to share a car with?

A: I have been a lifelong fan of Elton John, so a car share with him would be amazing. I have seen him in concert many times, in several countries, and never tire of his showmanship and wonderful songwriting.

Q: The best bit of my job is…?

A: My job is really varied which is perfect for me as I get bored very easily. Sitting at a desk for nine hours a day would drive me crazy, very quickly!

Q: And the worst?

A: I absolutely loathe online training as I learn by doing and not by reading. I’m a very practical person which I’m sure is why I went in to the hospitality industry at the age of 18 rather than go on to higher education.

Q: Who was your childhood hero?

A: As I grew up in the 60s and 70s, my childhood hero has to be Richard Branson. He was so different at that time, and really stood out to me as someone who didn’t simply accept the system and had a wild imagination, which I have always admired.

Q: What’s your favourite smell?

A: Freshly brewed delicious coffee in the mornings is the best smell of all.

Q: Where’s your favourite place in Dorset?

A: I love the Dorset coastline as I need fresh air and exercise almost every day. The spectacular walks, beaches and forests all bring such peace and beauty to a busy work life.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone starting out on a career?

A: Starting out on a career is tough so my advice is simply to listen and learn, especially if you are in your first position within the working world.

Q: What was your first record/CD?

A: My first vinyl LP was ‘Elton John’ by Elton John. It was a present for my 16th birthday and I still have it today. Sadly, I don’t still have the friend who gave it to me.

Q: What gets you angry?

A: I am deeply angered by unfairness – and deliberate cruelty, in any form.

Q: Do you have a favourite piece of music?

A: I love classical music and particularly ‘The Four Seasons’ by Vivaldi. I keep it in my car and listen to it often. Also, George Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ and Modest Mussorgsky’s ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ are my long-term favourites, as I grew up listening to them.

Q: What are the qualities you look for in a new employee?

A: Attitude is the most important quality to me as systems can be taught. To me, a ‘can do’ attitude and an eagerness to learn is really important.

Q: What’s your favourite food or dish?

A: I love steamed sponge pudding and custard on a cold day.

Q: Steamed sponge pudding and custard or a plate of melon?

A: Fresh melon served for breakfast on a hot day.

Q: Name the best thing about living/working in Dorset?

A: Dorset has such a variety of large towns and tiny villages, all close to the sea. Often during a working day, I will go for a short drive at lunchtime and sit for a while looking across the Solent or into the forest for some calmness and clarity.

Q: If you were Prime Minister for the day what would be the first thing you do?

A: I would HAVE to redecorate No.10 as the present Mrs Johnson’s decor choice would give me a monster headache as soon as I walked in!

Q: What’s your biggest frustration?

A: My father taught me two very important life lessons … always be punctual and always finish what you start. So, the inability to do either of these things makes me very frustrated, in myself and others.

Q:  Where’s your favourite holiday location?

A: As I can’t choose between the eight delightful Hoburne Holiday Parks for a holiday location, it would have to be anywhere with guaranteed sunshine by a beach, with not too many people around. I need sun to recharge and relax.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

A: Ten years’ time is such a long time away!  Who can predict anything about the state of the world or our ability to live in it comfortably by then?  I just hope to be healthy and happy.  A simple request but one that is getting harder and harder to realise.

Q: What would you like to be remembered for?

A: I hope I am remembered as a good friend, family member and work colleague (although nobody said on their death bed “I wish I’d worked harder”!). I try to treat people as I’d like to be treated myself, and hope that a kind attitude and an understanding nature will also be my legacy.