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Published: September 26, 2019 | Updated: January 13, 2020

All business, all the time: Why I’ve founded

By Andrew Diprose, editor

Confession time: I have a passion – for business.

I admire how products and services can be created from absolutely nothing.

I positively relish the get up and go, positivity and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs.

And I marvel at how optimism can often triumph over pessimism.

Now, after a 40-year career in the crazy but exhilarating world of the media, I’ve joined those entrepreneurs.

It’s 24 years since I wrote my last story as Business Editor of the Bournemouth Daily Echo.

The intervening years saw me move to the so-called ‘dark side’ – public relations – the first of many journalists to take that path.

But now I’m back where I will always feel most comfortable – as a business reporter and running my own company to boot – and, boy, does it feel good.

So why put my money where my mouth is and create

“We’ll champion Dorset as a great place to do business but not be afraid to ruffle the occasional feather”

Well, I believe there’s a big yawning gap in the market for a dedicated business news website in Dorset. 100% Dorset. 100% business.

Not one which just copies and pastes press releases but actually produces original business journalism.

One which brings together on a free-to-access website the news you might see on a myriad of different platforms.

And one which will champion Dorset as a great place to do business as well as celebrate our fantastic entreprenurial spirit.

With 22 separate news categories, plus People and Biz Extra sections, it won’t be long before we become THE place to go for all things business.

It’s amazing to think that in a county of more than 56,000 registered companies, it’s taken until 2019 for Dorset to have its own dedicated business news website.

Well, that’s changed for ever now. – All business, all the time.