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Published: January 30, 2020 | Updated: January 30, 2020

Young chocoholics alert! Chocolatier to teach pre-school children about ‘a precious treat’

Kerry Witt of Chocolate By Miss Witt. Picture: Darin Higgs, Umbala Photography.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

A world class chocolatier is to teach pre-school children all about real chocolate.

Kerry Witt, who founded Chocolate by Miss Witt in 2012, is holding classes on the first Friday of each month at Lollipops Cafe in Westbourne.

Each workshop will have a different theme depending on the seasons.

The children will learn all about the science of chocolate through tempering.

They will be using 43 per cent Venezuela milk chocolate which contains a high percentage of cocoa butter and no vegetable oils unlike many confectionery brands of  ‘chocolate’.

Kerry said: “The best way for children to learn about real chocolate is for them to be introduced to the taste at an early age.

“The chocolate is deliciously smooth and creamy but with a higher cocoa content and is not too sweet.

“I believe in teaching children that real chocolate is a precious treat, which should be treated with respect and enjoyed.”

Jody Kennedy, owner of Lollipops Cafe, said: “When Kerry first approached me about running the chocolate workshops at Lollipops Cafe, I thought this was a wonderful idea.

“I’ve been looking to expand the variety of classes and workshops we offer at the cafe.

“The chocolate workshops are unique and offer children a fun class, while helping with creativity, concentration and fine motor skills.

“My own children attended the Christmas workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it.

“They loved putting their aprons on, getting stuck in and especially tasting the chocolate half way through.

“Who doesn’t love chocolate?”

Kerry will also be running adult workshops at Lollipops.

They will include a gin chocolate workshop along with other themes.

Kerry, who trained at Brockenhurst College and Southampton City College, worked at Splinters in Christchurch as a young pastry chef and also at Le Poussin for Michelin star chef Alex Aitken.

She has received World Academy of Chocolate Awards since 2015 and continues to be recognised to this day.