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Published: September 20, 2020 | Updated: September 21, 2020

You’ve Got The Power for your business to be leaner, greener, cleaner and more sustainable

By Andrew Diprose, editor

I have learned a great deal over the last few months while discussing the environment and sustainability, writes Martin Bell.

Top of the list is that pretty much everyone wants to make a difference when it comes to becoming leaner, greener and cleaner.

The issue seems to be not knowing what to do or where to go, other than changing lighting to LED and asking everyone to switch lights off when they leave a room.

In fact, there are a number of solutions on the market for making your business as sustainable as possible.

Remember ‘You’ve got the Power’?

I remember hearing it on a dance floor somewhere, back in the 90’s.


You’ve Got The Power to Reduce Your Power – there are a number of options for reducing the business’ energy with optimising equipment designed to supply the correct voltage power to each piece of equipment. Installation is quick and Return on Investment is usually achieved with 12-24 months.

You’ve Got The Power to Change Your Power – When next renewing your electricity renew it from 100% renewable sources. The sector has really advanced in the last ten years and renewable energy no longer comes at a premium and accounts for nearly half of the energy we use in the UK. You can start looking at changing your gas and electricity contracts up to a year in advance of your ‘contract end date’. Gas prices are particularly favourable at the moment but will soon start to rise with autumn fast approaching.

You Got The Power to Produce Your Power – Solar panels are the best-known product for commercial energy production, but technology is advancing every day. Heat pumps, Combined Heat & Power and in some cases wind turbine and the water wheel is making a comeback thanks to a lady engineer in Scotland. For those that are close to a river or fast flowing water, the Carruthers Water Wheel is easy to install with little or no environmental impact. Many of our engineering, industrial and agricultural businesses would benefit from producing their own solar energy.

You’ve Got The Power to Control Your Power – Automation and monitoring devices that have a user-friendly dashboard portal, can control programmes and a dead switch facility delivers full automation and control of individual appliances, lighting systems and equipment throughout your business while eradicating human error.

With that in mind – and with Utilities4Less being committed to protecting the local, national and global environment, we are offering Dorset businesses a FREE Energy Monitoring System as an incentive to engage with us.

Put simply we’ll ‘Give you the Power to Control the Power to reduce the Power to Save the Power.’

Please contact me at or any of the U4L team for a consultation on providing a 360 degree solution for a leaner, greener and cleaner business.

And remember.

You’ve Got The Power.