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Technology Matters: Customer experience is everywhere

By Josie Weston [email protected]

Published: November 15, 2023 | Updated: 15th November 2023

You may be able to think of a time where you had an exceptional customer experience, such as your mortgage provider sending you a gift box of tea, coffee and washing up liquid on your moving day writes Enhanced Infrastructure Service Delivery Manager Josie Weston.

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A lovely overt gesture, which no doubt you will tell your friends and family about.

Sometimes however, customer experience can be subtle, still leaving you feeling positive about your interaction with that business or individual.

As humans we naturally look for the path of least resistance, so by a cosmetic provider colour coding their shopping baskets, they are tailoring their customer experience to personal preference with minor input on the individual’s behalf.

Our Approach

The customer experience landscape is ever changing, with new metrics, AI, and software providers all claiming to be the silver bullet in improving customer experience. So how does a technology company apply this in the real world?

The key for Enhanced in designing our customer experience programme was firstly ensuring that it aligned with our overall business strategy. At Enhanced, we use our experience and industry knowledge to help businesses reach their potential through the power of technology, working as an extension of our clients’ teams as well as an I.T. partner.

Alongside the business strategy, it is also important to know exactly why our clients choose Enhanced as their I.T partner and immediately identify any point where the satisfaction with our level of service changes.

Enhanced take a proactive approach in tailoring our customer experience. We take the time to map out customer journeys and put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, exploring how each step makes us feel and how it can be improved. This honest look in the mirror drives continuous improvement and helps keep customer satisfaction as our key focus.

How do we measure?

When creating our Customer Experience strategy, we started with ‘what did we want to achieve?’ We defined the KPI’s and researched the best tools to measure customer satisfaction. Following the extensive research, Enhanced proceeded with CSAT as the most effective measure for our performance and benchmarking ourselves against other businesses and managed service providers.

Enhanced use Simplesat as our tool for collecting all of our feedback in one centralised portal, automated for maximum efficiency, and integrated with the existing helpdesk and CRM.

Although CSAT score is our KPI we have various quality defining measures such as Net Promoter Score and qualitative data obtained by asking open questions, allowing our customers to give us feedback outside of fixed parameters. Our clients also have the option of regular meetings with our Account Managers and Service Delivery Manager to sense check what we see in our KPI’s aligns with how the customer feels day to day.

How do we sustain and develop our Customer Experience strategy?

Instant action

If a client rates the service from Enhanced anything less than very satisfied, our dedicated team are notified so we can reach out and take action to understand the situation.

Monthly operations meeting

These meetings are an opportunity for operations, service delivery and our CEO to discuss how the business is performing against our KPIs and SLA’s and to review proactive service improvements, for example training and investment in supporting technology.


We pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our customers and forming trustworthy partnerships. One of the ways in which we demonstrate this is by sending clients their unique SLA reports monthly with service delivery meetings offered.


As technology providers automation is an important factor for us, our strategy was formed with this in mind, and we’ve built a manageable and efficient process that enables us to sustain and achieve our objectives.

To find out more about the technology services we offer, get in touch with the team at: [email protected]


In this month’s team member Q&A we meet Alex Major, Marketing Executive.

Name:  Alex Major

Role: Marketing Executive

Time at Enhanced (years or months):  Almost 8 years

 What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy the variety, one day I might be preparing for an event and the next day I’m writing articles and applying for awards.

 What did you aspire to be when you were younger? A buyer, I wanted to travel the world for work as a buyer for brands.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? I love getting out and about on the weekend with my partner and children, when I’m not chasing the kids around it’s nice to chill with a series on.

What is your favourite TV program and why? Easy! Greys Anatomy, I love the drama and it’s so far removed from my world, it’s just an easy watch.

What motivates you? Good weather! When the sun is shining, you just have to get outside and enjoy it, this is England after all, so you never know how long it will last.

What’s your favourite day out? A day at the beach

Give 3 words to describe yourself. Friendly, direct, funny

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