Don't shop but swish say Alice & Lizzie as they host the 'sustainable style event of the season'

Alice Nichol, Founder, Buddy & Noo. Picture: Fiona Moorey Photography.

By Staff Reporter [email protected]

Published: January 21, 2022 | Updated: 22nd January 2022

It’s seen as the perfect antidote to fast fashion.


Swapping an item, or items, of clothing and filling your wardrobe sustainably.

Now two Southbourne based-businesses, ethical PR agency, Warrior Agency, and sustainable stylist, Buddy & Noo, have partnered to host what they’re calling the sustainable style event of the season.

Swish It! is from 4pm on Thursday January 27 at The Larder House.

The idea behind the event is to encourage people to swap, rather than shop, in order to tackle the issue of fast fashion and the damage it does to the environment.

Tickets cost £5, with any profits, and unswapped clothing, going to The Wardrobe Foundation.

Alice Nichol and Lizzie McManus say fast fashion is becoming one of the biggest environmental issues on the planet.

The fashion industry produces up to ten per cent of the world’s carbon emissions and uses more energy than aviation and shipping combined.

However, swishing is an easy, sustainable and affordable way to find clothes that are new to you.

For £5, attendees can donate clothes they no longer want and then peruse the rails for a new outfit to take home.

The organisers say swishing saves unwanted clothes from heading to landfill and reduces how many new items need to be made.

As a result the environmental impact of a new wardrobe can be reduced to almost nothing.

Alice, pictured right, Founder of Buddy and Noo, said: “I love fashion and I love clothes, but I don’t love fast fashion.

“It’s bad for the environment and following fleeting trends doesn’t actually help most of us with our style.

“I see it all the time in my work,

“People have wardrobes stuffed full of clothes and still feel they’ve nothing to wear.

‘Swishing is a brilliant solution.

“It’s almost an antidote to fast fashion, where people can find things new to them and give their wardrobe a little love, without damaging the planet.

“I can’t wait to get stuck in on the day, helping people to find their new favourite outfit.”

Lizzie,  pictured left, Founder of Warrior which focuses on helping people doing good, said: “Warrior has always been about connecting people with sustainable options, whether that’s brands or charities we’re working with, or local events taking place.

“One day somebody asked me if I knew of a local clothes swap and I couldn’t find one.

“Swish It! was born.

“I spoke to Alice, a long-time friend of Warrior, and I knew between the two of us, we could create something brilliant.

‘One of the most exciting things about the event is how much people are supporting it.

“We’ve had lots of local businesses and people in the community want to get involved, from The Larder House agreeing to be our venue, to a local seamstress offering to repair and fit clothes at the event.

“It feels like people have been waiting for something like this to come along, and we’re just thrilled to be part of it.’

The seamstress joining the event is Jeni Money-Mann.

She has more than 12 years of experience in her craft and will be on hand at the event to advise on repairs and alterations.

As a result any items that need a bit of care and attention can still find a new home.

Swish It! isn’t just focusing on the environment.

The team is keen to help people as well.

All profits and unswapped clothing is being donated to local charity, The Wardrobe Foundation.

The Dorset-based enterprise supports vulnerable women by donating gift bags of clothing to women who may need help due to financial difficulties, abusive relationships and many other reasons.

Lizzie said: “Sustainability isn’t the only issue with fast fashion, the industry has huge ethical issues as well.

“Often there are very poor conditions for workers, predominantly women.

“We wanted to try and use our event for good, by supporting The Wardrobe Foundation, who will make sure any unsold clothes find homes with women who need them.

“Obviously, we want Swish It! to be a really fun afternoon – and we’re sure it will be – but we also want it to do as much good as possible.

“Come along, have a drink, find a new outfit, and help people and the planet.”

  • Swish It! is from 4pm until 7pm on Thursday January 27 at The Larder House, 4 Southbourne Grove, Bournemouth, BH6 3QZ. Tickets are available to purchase online by clicking here and also on the door.

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