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How PR Empowers Small Businesses

By Darren Northeast [email protected]

Published: April 22, 2024 | Updated: 22nd April 2024

As a small business, especially one looking to get noticed in an already well-populated sector, you can easily be overshadowed by larger competitors with established reputations and deep pockets, writes Darren Northeast, Managing Director, Darren Northeast PR.

It might feel impossible to complete – but there is a tool which can help level the playing field.

While you might not be able to outstrip the big boys when it comes to advertising spend, you might be able to capitalise on something they don’t – your fantastic story, your innovative approach, or your unique brand and identity.

What makes you special can capture the imagination of your potential customers in a way that big corporate rivals can’t!

This is where working with a Public Relations agency can make all the difference. Great PR has the power to elevate the profile, amplify the voice, and catalyse the growth of a small business in powerful ways that go well beyond the impact of advertising.


First things first – PR doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Unlike traditional advertising, which often demands hefty investment, PR leverages storytelling and relationship-building to build visibility and engage interest.

By curating your story and winning coverage with relevant media outlets, PR professionals help small businesses gain invaluable exposure without breaking the bank.

At DNPR, we tailor our solutions to every budget and situation – from commissioning a one-off press release when you have a specific story to share, to investing in a short-term campaign promoting an event or a new showroom, or perhaps hiring us for longer-term support across social media and press activity to help you make an even bigger splash.

Profile Raising

Small businesses often struggle to carve out a distinct identity amidst the noise, but PR can help you up the wattage and shine bright.

As PR professionals we have a wealth of tools at our disposal – not just press releases and pitches bidding for media coverage, but coordinated social media campaigns, and leveraging influencer partnerships for example.

It’s not just about grabbing attention, but also fostering credibility and trust. Consumers are ever more discerning and want to spend their money in a way that aligns with their values, so sharing who you are and what sets you apart is crucial – which is exactly what PR is all about.


Every small business aspires to grow and expand its reach and PR activities can serve as a catalyst, by generating leads, nurturing customer communications and fostering brand loyalty.

Through strategic PR initiatives such as product launches, event sponsorships, and thought leadership articles, small businesses can capture new clients and markets.

We have seen time and again the real and tangible way in which our PR activities have been an engine for growth, reflected in figures like visitor numbers, new enquiries or increased turnover. The fact that so many of our clients choose to stay with us, or come back to us, often after having brought PR activities in-house for a while, is a true testament to the clear benefits they gain.

Taking the plunge

With so many competing priorities, it can be hard for small business owners to justify spending out on a PR, especially if they don’t appreciate its value, but the return on investment can be huge.

Research indicates that PR generates a higher level of credibility and trust among consumers compared to traditional advertising, and can deliver other long-lasting benefits, including enhanced brand awareness, increased sales, and improved reputation.

Investing in PR is like planting seeds for the future, generating benefits that pay dividends for years to come. You’ll never regret shelling out for those PR seeds when you’re harvesting that kind of tasty reputational crop!

From our Small Business to Yours

At DNPR, while we work with big national companies, we are also passionate about supporting small businesses. As a small enterprise ourselves, we’ve been in your shoes, and we understand all the trials and triumphs of your journey.

We respect and value every pound that is spent with us and work our socks off to ensure it represents great value and delivers the results they want. We’re not just your PR agency, we’re your cheerleaders and your compatriots – fellow Davids against a field of Goliaths!

Our seasoned team is all about personalised service, clear communication, and measurable results. So, if you’re ready to go from getting by to flying high, why not get in touch and see what you can do with DNPR in your corner? Our powerful PR slingshots are ready to fire!

Get in touch at [email protected] or call 01202 676762.

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