Reality is very different to watches swinging and mind control says hypnotherapist Susie

Susie Carver, Sea Change Hypnotherapy: "I never tire of seeing the amazing transformations that hypnotherapy brings about.”

By Staff Reporter [email protected]

Published: January 12, 2021 | Updated: 12th January 2021

Swinging watches, mind control or people clucking like chickens in a live stage show.

Things that often come to mind when hypnosis is mentioned.

But, says Susie Carver, a Wimborne-based hypnotherapist who is helping people change their lives, the reality is very different.

Susie, 46, has launched her new business, Sea Change Hypnotherapy, with the aim to debunk the many myths and misconceptions surrounding hypnosis.

She said: “Television and the media often give people the impression that hypnosis is something to be mistrusted.

“It’s portrayed as some kind of mystical dark art which gives the hypnotist the ability to control minds and make people do things against their will.

“In reality, hypnosis is a completely natural state that we all experience every day of our lives.

“In simple terms, it’s a highly focused attention that harnesses the power of the imagination.

“The therapeutic process is really quite an enjoyable experience – a bit like a guided visualisation or meditation.

“And once in this state it’s possible for a person’s mind to accept suggestions that will alter unhelpful thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours or beliefs.

“This can create dramatic, positive and long-lasting change, often instantaneously.”

Susie trained with the world-renowned Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, under the expert tuition of the UK’s leading hypnotherapists Freddy and Anthony Jacquin.

She helps people of all ages to create change in their lives, enabling them to overcome problems such as stress and anxiety, weight loss, smoking cessation, fears and phobias, confidence and motivation, pain management and sleep problems, among others.

Susie said: “The best thing about my job is helping people to realise the power that they carry around inside them.

“Hypnosis is a collaborative process and I’m just the guide, but to help somebody regain control over their life is so rewarding.

“I never tire of seeing the amazing transformations that hypnotherapy brings about.”

Susie, a former QE student, has a background in communications including roles with the BIC/Pavilion, Lighthouse and Julia’s House.

Clients of Sea Change Hypnotherapy can benefit from one-to-one therapy sessions using video conferencing throughout the Covid lockdown.

“Many people aren’t aware it’s possible to receive hypnotherapy online,” said Susie.

“My training was unique in that it specifically upskilled me to be able to work with clients in this way, no matter where they are in the world.

“It has proved invaluable throughout the pandemic, when so many people have experienced mental health problems but been unable to travel to get help.

“They can simply log on at home, enjoy a friendly chat with me and experience first-hand how transformational hypnotherapy is.”

Susie also provides regular online themed group hypnotherapy sessions, which offer a unique opportunity to experience hypnosis in a fun, informal and interactive environment.

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