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U4L on how you can make your business a leaner, greener and cleaner place to work

By Staff Reporter [email protected]

Published: October 20, 2020 | Updated: 21st October 2020

Martin Bell, Business Relationship Manager, U4L answers your questions.

What makes U4L different from other energy brokers?

Set up five years ago to deliver a friendly, professional, and consultative service, we’re a green business energy and environmental utility management consultancy that offers a FREE service to support the local business community to become leaner, greener and cleaner places to work.

What does 360 solution mean and how do you accomplish it?

We’re not just brokers of gas and electricity but provide a FREE service for clients managing the Net-Zero process. Initially the procurement team search for the best 100% renewable energy rates. An audit assesses the efficiency needs and products for installation, for the most cost saving results. Coming from market leaders in energy technology our suppliers and manufacturers’ products are supported with carbon offsetting against gas usage.

What equipment is used and what’s the cost?

The energy reduction equipment used to support our clients in reducing their utility costs produces amazing results in saving cash and energy used. The optimising equipment reduces by 10-15% and extends the life of equipment. Energy Monitoring Systems give live data analysis and the automation function controls the power to equipment, sections of a building or a defined area. A gas boiler with a manufacturer’s guarantee to save 40% minimum fuel and 80% with the complete system. Most impressive is a Solar Vented Heat Recovery system that reduces energy, reuses the buildings internal heat and purifies the air too, creating a safe clean environment to work in.

How much does it cost and is it really worth it?

The cost can range from £4,000 for a simple voltage optimising system to £400,000+ for fully fitted solar installation. Any investment from the business can be offset against corporation tax. Anything that reduces our carbon footprint on the environment is worth it and the financial savings are huge with the ROI typically 12-36 months.

So how has Covid affected U4L?

I joined the company back in July so mid-Covid to support the healthcare sector i.e care homes, hospitals and supported living sites. This has obviously been difficult due to lockdown as residents and staff safety comes first. We keep the U4L narrative and share the message letting people know that installing LED bulbs. saving 80% energy. is a great way to start and there is so much more.

So are you saying that you are educating people?

We are informing them to make the best decision for their business, but we take education seriously and hope to deliver a program on environmental issues and sustainability with a local farming attraction and BU, with an interactive and educational presentation for local primary schools. If we educate children at an early age then recycling, reusing and responsibility becomes second nature and part of who they are. They will have the tools to halt the destruction caused over the last 150 years.

How can people start the process of Net-Zero?

Corporate energy is daunting to navigate with many providers to choose from and extremely time consuming, so we have streamlined our onboarding process. Our team of industry professionals need copies of utility bills and a Docusigned ‘Letter of Authority’. That’s all it takes. Then our tried and tested format of finding the best rates for 100% renewable energy, an efficiency report detailing savings and equipment needed, a quote for the efficiency products is raised and finally installation by our engineering team within a timely fashion. Understanding that most people want to reduce their impact on the environment but time, money or simply not knowing is the hurdle that prevents any action, we manage the whole process.

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