Lisa's visionary podcasts inspired by her own experiences are listened to in 23 countries

By Staff Reporter [email protected]

Published: June 30, 2021 | Updated: 1st July 2021

A podcast described as being for ‘ambitious, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who know that they want to make a big difference’ is proving to be popular worldwide.

Since its launch, whole life coach Lisa Mitchell’s podcast has been in the Top Ten of the UK entrepreneurs chart, listened to in 23 countries and rated 5 stars on Apple podcasts preview and iTunes.

One reviewer said: “When you listen to Lisa’s podcast, the passion for her subject and her desire to help others put themselves out there is palpable.

“With real life examples of what she is telling us, and how she has mastered her challenges, you come away thinking that anything is possible.”

Subjects covered by the Visionary Founders podcast include:

  • ‘How to be the Creator of Your Reality”
  • ‘Why Feminine Energy is Your Superpower’
  • ‘Connecting your Biggest Desires’
  • ‘Translating your Biggest Visions to Your Business’

The podcast is inspired by Lisa’s own experiences

Now based in Bournemouth the 52-year-old has adopted a whole life, holistic approach, as a direct result of struggling through the formative years of her life and career, in what she describes as a ‘disconnected reality.’

As a workaholic but also party girl in her 20s and 30s, Lisa found herself engaging in increasingly risk-taking behaviours, desperate to find her niche and herself.

She said: “I felt disconnected from everyone else from an early age… people seemed to be following some kind of rulebook and I just didn’t understand the rules.

“I did well at school and threw myself into work, believing that in doing so, I would please my boss, my family, partners, even my friends at the time, and that somehow things would just fall into place, but it just wasn’t working.

“I was desperately unhappy so, I took a leap of faith.”

Following her last corporate role with supermarket giant, Sainsburys, Lisa left her high-flying marketing job as Head of Media Planning, overseeing all national advertising spend, and moved to the south coast.

She took on a role with a coaching consultancy but found her personal life was still out of balance.

In the last decade Lisa has experienced some of the most stressful things life can throw at a person.

She got married and recently divorced, both parents passed away, she had a miscarriage and a baby.

But through it all Lisa was able to hold a bigger sense of potential in it all.

She said: “These experiences are not unique to me.

“None of us come through life unscathed, but I believe we can learn so much about ourselves in the process.

“When we acknowledge the complexity of who we are, what truly makes us content and where our passions lie, we have a powerful centre from which to succeed.”

Lisa established her current business, coaching and inspiring entrepreneurs, in 2017.

She uses her own experience to raise people’s expectations for their own lives.

She said: “I empower them to lead connected, happy and fulfilled lives, doing what they love and not settling for less than their best in work, relationships, physical, emotional and mental health.

“I hope this podcast will inspire others to take this perspective too.”

The Visionary Founders Podcast with Lisa Mitchell can be found here.

Launched in April there are now 15 episodes available.

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