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Published: November 3, 2021 | Updated: December 9, 2021

Surviving Winter appeal launches amid fears of a ‘perfect storm’ of rising energy & food prices

Rising energy and food prices could force older and vulnerable people to choose whether to heat or eat this winter.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

It’s been described as a ‘perfect storm’.

A combination of rising energy and food prices.

And, according to Citizens Advice, it could force older and vulnerable people to choose whether to heat or eat in the coming months.

Katie Pryce, Project Manager, East Dorset and Purbeck Citizens Advice, said: “We are dreading a prolonged cold snap this winter because we worry for the vulnerable households in poorly-insulated and hard-to-heat properties.

“We wonder what older people are going to do because they will have really tough choices on what they spend their money on and what they go without.”

Against this background, Dorset Community Foundation has launched its annual Surviving Winter appeal.

Last year it helped a record number of people stay warm through £200 grants.

The community foundation works with Citizens Advice to identify older people, and those aged 50 and over, who meet the winter fuel poverty criteria:

  • Significant health conditions
  • Being on the highest level of benefits
  • Having little current chance of improving their life circumstances

Grant Robson, Director, Dorset Community Foundation, pictured right, said: “This really is a crucial year for the appeal.

“We know that each year in Dorset more than 700 people die of cold or cold-related illness because they can’t keep their homes warm.

“The vast majority are over 65.

“We also know many people who receive their government Winter Fuel Payment, which can be as much as £200, feel they don’t need it, or at least all of it.

“In the past they have very generously donated that to our appeal so that it can be used to keep someone else warm.

“We really hope they feel they can do the same this year.

“It seems unusually cruel that, in 2021, we are talking about people being alone and anxious, probably huddled in the one room they can afford to heat for part of the day, and worrying about either going without a proper meal or having the heating on a little longer.

“You would not believe this could be happening in a civilised country but we hear these stories year after year.

“It is wonderful we have Citizens Advice to work with us and provide this support but we rely heavily on the generosity of people in Dorset to make it all happen.”

Katie said the energy crisis, which has seen average yearly bills rise by up to £400, combined with the high number of poorly-insulated homes in Dorset and, for some, the removal of the £20 Universal Credit uplift, has kept the organisation’s energy advisors busy.

She said: “Our advisors are working flat out.

“We usually see a dip in energy advice queries during the summer.

“But this year, because of the lockdowns where people have been at home and the heating has been on for longer, they have got into more arrears.

“Last year we had a perfect storm with Covid and the lockdowns.

“We fear it is going to be even more the case this winter because the situation with the energy sector is going to put people on a limited income into a really vulnerable position and they don’t have the money to cope.”

Last year’s Surviving Winter appeal raised a record £100,000.

As a result more than 350 people received grants and energy-saving advice.

Katie said one avenue of help won’t be available this year.

“A lot of the smaller energy companies have gone out of business which means there is no choice of tariff and people have to go on to the standard variable rate,” she said.

“Last year we were able to help people switch to a cheaper tariff but this year there are no more affordable options and that means people will be choosing between heating and eating.

“Thanks to the generous donations last year we were able to run the grants right up until April so that everyone who was eligible for a grant was able to be supported.

“We all have our fingers crossed for another successful campaign because we don’t want to be turning anyone away this winter.”

  • You can donate to Surviving Winter by clicking here.
  • To find out more about applying for help please call Citizens Advice on 01929 775500.